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Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Care

Our providers have traditional primary care training and are board-certified like most traditional providers. However, our providers are also board-certified in functional and integrative medicine, meaning that they have significant training and expertise over and above what “regular” primary care providers possess.

Although sometimes used interchangeably, the two have slightly different meanings. Functional medicine is a highly personalized approach that seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease rather than just treating symptoms. Integrative medicine entails looking at the whole person and all the lifestyle factors that contribute to optimal health – nutrition, exercise, stress management and more. Rather than treating solely with the usual medications and other traditional approaches, functional and integrative medical providers use a wider variety of resources to positively impact health.

Essential Primary Care is a subscription-based service and our fees include office visits, annual assessments including labs and 24/7 access to a provider for urgent medical needs. We offer a number of payment methods. Because we accept a very limited number of patients to our panels, we encourage all prospective clients to sign up for a no-cost meet and greet with one of our providers to learn more.

No, you do not have to sign a contract.

We do not accept insurance. You may find that you can use HSA or FSA funds for some of our services, and we suggest you inquire with your HSA or FSA administrator.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) utilizes the results of highly detailed lab and other testing to determine if you might suffer from sex hormone imbalances. These imbalances can lead to conditions such as weight gain, low sex drive, mood swings, poor concentration and decreased energy. If you do have a hormone imbalance, we can employ a number of treatment options depending on your choice and lifestyle.

Our providers have completed rigorous training in BHRT. We adhere to the strictest guidelines for testing and treatment in the industry, including providing quarterly lab testing and consultations to keep your hormones balanced.

We can help you choose the right method to easily incorporate into your lifestyle. Our most popular method of BHRT for both men and women is pellet therapy. Pellets are slow time-release implants that will last 3 to 4 months. By the end of the 3-4 months, the pellets have been completely absorbed by your body and new pellets will be inserted. Another form of BHRT available to both men and women is topical creams, an approach used by many of our patients. A final option – available to male patients – is injection which can be performed in our office or at home.

Peptides are small molecules that act as a master control for many functions of the body, including hormone production. They can help improve overall health by stimulating your body’s natural production and release of growth hormone, a key element of anti-aging. Peptide therapy is a rapidly-growing and exciting part of our program offerings.

IV Therapy

IV nutrition therapy delivers important hydration, vitamins, mineral and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream. It does not require a prescription.

IV nutrition therapy may help to enhance energy levels, recover from jet lag, reduce general inflammation, improve recovery from athletic activities, enhance immunity and increase hydration.

When administered through IV, moderate to high-dose nutrients bypass the gut, eliminating the process of absorption and guaranteeing direct access into the blood stream. This way, the nutrients usually have a​ ​more potent, drug-like effect rather than if taken orally.

Nutritional IV therapy is generally well​-tolerated and adverse reactions to intravenous vitamins and minerals are rare. The most common side effect is slight pain, inflammation, and/or bruising at the injection site which can be easily relieved by slowing the infusion rate or applying a heating pad. Occasionally, patients may experience mild lightheadedness or hypoglycemia symptoms. We monitor patients during all IV therapy sessions to ensure comfort and a positive experience.

For new patients, our IV infusions require an initial meet and greet with a provider. Depending on your concern or reason to receive an IV infusion, laboratory tests may be required prior to your first infusion. ​For established patients who are up to date on their labs, same day appointments may be available but not guaranteed.

Some IVs will take less than an hour while some may last nearly three hours. In rare instances, they may take longer. We provide a very comfortable and private area with chairs designed specifically for IV therapy. We encourage you to bring books, magazines or a laptop computer to work while receiving IV therapy.

All our services are cash only. We suggest you contact your insurance provider to determine if IV therapy may be covered, including the use of HSA and FSA funds.

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