Meet Our Providers

James R. Stevens, MD, CAQSM, ABAARM, FAAFP

Medical Director & Provider, Cary location

James “Jay” Stevens, MD, CAQSM, ABAARM, FAAFP, is the founder of Essential Health. Having practiced innovative primary care medicine for 30 years, Dr. Stevens has worked in various conventional primary care settings, including group private practice and as a hospital-employed physician and physician leader.

His clinical focus encompasses all services at Essential Health. As Chief Innovation Officer at Essential Holding Company, the licensor and management affiliate for Essential Health, Dr. Stevens is part of a growing effort to seek, refine and introduce new knowledge and methods to Essential Health clinics in a constant quest to provide an avenue towards better health for those we serve.

Elizabeth Sierakowski, MD, ABFM, ABOIM, ABAARM

Medical Director & Provider, Raleigh location

Elizabeth Sierakowski, MD, ABFM, ABOIM, ABAARM, owns and practices at the Essential Health – Raleigh, NC location. She is triple trained in family medicine, integrative medicine, and functional medicine and has practiced from coast to coast. She joined the Essential Family with the opening of the Raleigh location in 2017. Her clinical focuses are advanced lifestyle medicine, cellular nutrition, gut health, hormone balancing, chemical-free anti-aging, adrenal and stress health, and thyroid imbalances.

As the Chief Medical Officer at Essential Holding Company, the licensor and management affiliate for Essential Health, Dr. Sierakowski leads the clinical mission of achieving optimal health for our clients, developing the advanced training roadmap for our providers, and helping expand our superior model of care nationally.

Jennie Welner, FNP-BC, ABAAHP, FAARM

Provider, Cary location

Jennie Welner, FNP-BC, ABAAHP, FAARM, is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Essential Health’s flagship location in Cary, NC and has been a part of the Essential Health family since 2013. She has developed and implemented practice protocols through the years and sought subspecialty certifications in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Her clinical focus is hormone balancing, thyroid health, adrenal health, aesthetics, skincare, hair restoration with PRP, IV nutrient therapy, and weight management.

Kristin “Kris” Bailey, FNP-C

Provider, Raleigh location

Kristin “Kris” Bailey, FNP-C, is the Family Nurse Practitioner at the Essential Health – Raleigh, NC location. She has years of experience in a number of fields, including pediatrics, geriatrics, medical/surgery, ER, OR, PACU, plastics, home health, and family practice, and is completing coursework for certifications through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She firmly believes that “one size does not fit all” and loves the patient/provider collaborative approach of tailoring treatment plans for each individual.

Kris’ clinical focus is helping clients achieve optimal health through hormone balancing and IV nutrient therapy.

Jill Vanarthos, PA-C, IFMCP

Provider, Raleigh location

Jill Vanarthos, PA-C, IFMCP is a physician assistant at the Essential Health – Raleigh, NC location. She is a South Florida native, fluent in Spanish, and worked in the primary care setting for many years. After witnessing the benefit of nutritional and other supportive therapies for family and friends with health challenges, she developed an interest in integrative and functional medicine and completed certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Jill’s focus is on optimizing health and healing through inflammation reduction, using various modalities including nutrition, detoxification, blood sugar and hormone balancing, gut healing, immune support, stress reduction and weight loss. She has a special interest in the Hispanic community and homeless population, and has volunteered at the Raleigh Rescue Mission and on the global mission field.

Brian J. Rodgers, DO, ABAARM, IFMC, AOBFP

Provider and Medical Director, BodyRenu

Brian J. Rodgers, DO, ABAARM, IFMC, AOBFP is a family medicine physician at BodyRenu in Bountiful, Utah. Dr. Rodgers has more than 20 years of experience practicing functional and integrative medicine with a passion for whole-person health. He is board and fellowship certified through the American Osteopathic Board of Family Medicine and received full certifications through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in 2010, completed an A4M fellowship in 2012, and completed his certification through the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2017.

Dr. Rodgers specializes in hormone balancing, thyroid function, functional cardiovascular disease treatment and brain health.

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